Hello, dog lover!

My name is Ana and I love dogs since I can walk. With my dogs, I accomplished A-C exams in dog schools and all of them had a minimum of 90 dots. I love schooling dogs, agility and I also participate in dog shows. For me a dog is a whole family member, that's why you have to introduce yourself if you are interested in a puppy from my kennel.

In the past, I had beautiful German Boxers and an English bulldog. Today a lovely Toller is my companion, but I am very interested to breed a smaller dog breed.

My kennel was registered from the FCI on the 09.11.2015.
The kennel was named after my lovely Boxer Lucy.
-You will be forever in our hearts

I am working with dogs since I was 12 and dogs are my big passion.


My Dogkennel moved to Switzerland and at the next 2 years they are no litters planed.


f you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to me (I speak German, English, and Slovene):

my email: anchy.lucy@gmail.com