My dogs


Praetorium Latobicorum's Duffy

Ch. Lauvstuas Olympic Orion Ayrdust x

Ch. Gea Angels of Baranya

breeder: Justina Horvat, kennel:

Praetorium Latobicorum's

chip number: 705100000043750 SVN

born: 22. 10. 2012

open J. Ch Slovenia

1 PRM, 1 J.BOB, 1 BOB, 1 BIS baby 3

  • basic agility course
    KD Krim, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
    spring 2014,
    instructors: Katja Dermol, Tanja Urbančič
  • agility course
    KD Krim, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
    summer 2015,
    instructors: Katja Dermol, Tanja Urbančič

Working test/dummy trial

  • one day workshop Sokoliči 2013
    KDP, Sokoliči, Slovenia,
    23. 03. 2013,
    instructors: Riccardo Raccanelli, Raffaele Navone
  • afternoon workshop Sračja Valley 2013
    KDP, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
    26. 08. 2013,
    instructor: Bruno Julien


My toller girl Duffy wakes me up everyday early in the morning, because she knows we are going for a run on Rožnik. She is a very happy and spoiled dog, crazy about balls and water. She also likes to play with our German boxer girl. They are doing everything together even sleeping and cuddling. She is a very active dog that needs a lot of playing and movement, but mostly the proximity. She is a faithful accompanist, I always take her everywhere with me. I never had any problems with her. She likes  children very much (until they get loud) and also understands with other dogs nicely. Every day she makes my day nicer and I can't imagine life without her anymore.