The price of a puppy

Here are just some of the requirements that each breeder has to cover:

  • The mother and father should be absolutely healthy and free of any hereditary illnesses.
  • They should both have an x-ray and a vet’s certificates, stating that both dogs do not suffer from any hip dysplasia and eye illnesses (around 250 euros).
  • Only dogs, whose owners are a part of a kennel club, can be breed (in order to be a part of the club, you have to pay an annual fee of 20 euros).
  • Mating (1000 euros).
  • During pregnancy, the female dog owner is obliged to assure the best conditions for the pregnant dog(around 200 euros).
  • Obligated working  certificate (50 euros).
  • Dog show for the certificate of the standard and beauty of the breed (50 euros per show).
  • Between the puppies’ 45th and 56th day an authorized representative of the club has to visit the litter and evaluate each puppy (all transport costs are covered by the litter owner (50 euros).
  • All puppies should be vaccinated and free of parasites at the age of 45 days(at a number of 5 puppies 250 euros).
  • A pedigree is issued only if the puppy has a microchip (at a number of 5 puppies 150 euros).
  • Each pedigree is subject to a certain fee.
  • Registration of the kennel (240 euros).

So you can see, as a breeder, we will pay a lot before we can have just 1 litter. We earn just that much that we can cover all the requirements and I am not having litters to earn money, but because it is my big love and hobby.